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Experience 8the true taste of Tradition by Exploring our Menus.


Wake up your taste bud with a Strong Coffee and Englishg Breakfast. We also do provide traditional breakfast too


Only the best and tastiest lunch you can ever afford


We use the finest and delicious ingredients for your proper meal


Our Extra Crispyâ„¢ chicken is freshly double breaded by hand to make sure every tender, juicy bite starts with a crispy, flaky crunch

Fried chicken

It's Healthier, not greasy, and you're going to love it

Rice shrimp

It's Healthier, not greasy, and you're going to love it

About Us

Passionately Personal and genuinely Delicious.

The Pronali Restaurant is one of the top restaurants in Dhaka - just ask our regular customers. We combine our own family recipes with style and personal flair to create a unique experience every time you visit us. We strive to make each visit satisfying and memorable. Restaurant POS Web is C# ASP.NET, bootstrap SQL Web based application.
The Pronali Restaurant has continually provided each of its guests with special kind of cusine. The pronali restaurent specializes in creating a uniquely thoughtful atmosphere, which will not only excite one's tastes, but provide the perfect dining experience.
While everything on the Pronali's delicious lunch and dinner menus are always cooked to perfection, there are a few standout dishes that can not go without special mention: "Our 12oz. Prime Pork Chop" - grilled to perfection and topped off with a variety of sauces;
"Shrimp Scampi" - served in our unique style, with lemon and butter drizzled over the dish, and complimented with a side of pasta;

"Our Linguine Shrimp and Clams" - my personal favorite, can be served in either our homemade red or white sauce.

For those who have a sweet tooth, we offer homemade desserts like Italian style cheesecake, tiramisu and cannoli.

Our newest addition, which we are extremely proud of, is our extensive Gluten-Free menu. It is available for both lunch and dinner.

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